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We extend our heart-full gratitude towards our esteemed Customers for patronizing JVR Forgings Ltd. over the years. Since its origin about 15 years back the Company has fathomed many milestones with single minded focus to give maximum possible value to our Clients. Today our products touch all continents and include leading automotive manufacturers across the globe. Having established ourselves in automotive market, today we are also major player in Non-Automotive segment that includes Railways, Heavy Fabrication, Scaffoldings, Form Works and Construction Industry Components.

Furthering its aims of leading forged, machined, fabricated and light engineering component maker, the company has successfully productionised the new and advanced manufacturing set ups. This included setting up of new technologies besides modernizing the facilities with new material handling and quality systems. On other front we build a team of experienced and dynamic professionals, who are well versed with emerging management and quality techniques to deliver goods and services towards the delight of customers

The overleaf pages will give you a glimpse of what we are upto to further our capabilities. Lastly, we like to have cooperation and valuable inputs from all our Customers, Suppliers, Financial Partners and Employees for the success of the company

Dharam Pal Gupta